Welcome Note:

Dear Prospective Students and Parents

Thank you for your interest in Green Way Public Senior Secondary School. We believe your educational search should be an exciting journey toward the future, and we are thrilled to join you on this journey.

Green Way School is a warm, close-knit community that provides a welcoming environment to our multicultural student body. Our idyllic school engaging and secure conducive environment, nurturing faculty, and attentive staff all combine to embrace new members of our family to make Green Way School a comfortable home away from home.

Students are challenged to reach beyond their comfort zone academically, athletically and socially. Each student receives constant individualized support throughout his or her school experience. Our faculty is dedicated to their overall developmental and academic success. The Mastery approach allows teachers to provide students the ability to gain complete comprehensive and critical academic aptitude of each subject.

On behalf of the entire school staff and Management, welcome to Green Way School and the lifetime rewards of an intimate educational experience. We look forward to getting to know you throughout the application process.


Green Way Public School

Our Aim

We are aiming to set new aspects of education, we are seeking to go beyond academic Excellence and focus on the complete holistic development of every child.


To empower students to discover their intellectual, creative and physical potential to embrace the 21st century.


To extend the concept of 'transforming the classroom', making it a 'self-propelled' quantifiable change in 'learning to learn', through group discussions and presentations, field trips, interactions with the rural and urban community - a process eventually leading to self management.

Events & Notices

What Our Parents Say:

"Green Way Public School is unlike any school. They’ve done their research and understand that children learn best by questioning, creating, and applying knowledge. Through many student-inspired projects and an interdisciplinary curriculum, my son is learning to be passionate, curious, creative, and innovative. Portfolio knows how to keep the children wanting to learn more."

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What Our Alumnis Say:

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